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"I have three children who required tutoring in math, chemistry, and physics. I have used this tutoring service for 3 years and it made a significant difference in my children’s grades and self-confidence. The tutors were kind, patient, and professional. My oldest children have now just started College and University thanks to the tutoring from Go2Grad Tutors!"

- Tara S., Kanata, ON

How They will benefit

Go2Grad Tutors will help you improve grades and confdence in class

Improved grades and confidence

Go2Grad Tutors are experts in their fields, and they have extensive experience teaching and working with high school and university students.

Go2Grad Tutors helps high school students with tutoring to get into university

thrive in school and university

We'll teach your child the methods that top students use and the most effective study habits that are backed by research.

Go2Grad tutors are vetted, have police checks, and are safe for in-home tutoring

Personalized Tutoring 

We specialize in nurturing the development of each individual student by providing personalized support and a tailored educational plan.  

We'll help your child learn the secret to staying on top of their coursework - even in distance or blended learning settings!

Our method is proven and designed to teach students how to achieve their academic goals, which can help to reduce stress, boost grades, and improve confidence. 


Tutors with experience teaching math, chemisty, physis, french and english



Go2Grad Tutors have extensive professional teaching experience, from teaching students at the elementary level to working with scientific experts at the international level! Because of our unique team, we can ensure you get the best tutoring experience every time.

knowledgeable scientists, lawyers, and linguists who are experts in tutoring math, science, and language

Knowledgeable experts

Go2Grad Tutors are Masters and Ph.D. students with a proven academic track record. They are all practicing experts in their field and are knowledgeable in multiple domains. With Go2Grad, it's likely that your tutor today will be your professor tomorrow!

Go2Grad tutors have police checks



All of our tutors are screened and permitted to work with high school students. Rest assured having tutoring sessions at your own home knowing your tutor can be trusted.

Go2Grad Tutors provide professional and convenient service

Ongoing support

We're dedicated to providing personalized solutions for students and parents. We will happily listen to your needs, pair you with the most effective tutor, and support you every step of the way.

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