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Go2Grad Tutors exclusive online learning program

Let's Elevate

did you know?

Now is the time to elevate

65% of first-year university students in Canada admit to having bad study habits.

50% experience high stress with exams.

90% feel overwhelmed with their workload.

It starts in high school!

Distance (or online) learning is the new norm and will likely continue for the near future. Not only will you be learning from home, but you will have to learn independently. Here's the problem: schools haven't taught you how.

We can help

what is elevate?

Happy students graduating and achieving their goals

Elevate is a tailored educational experience that teaches high school students how to develop effective study habits and learning strategies that will help you to thrive, now and in university. 

Go2Grad Elevate teaches important skills such as goal setting and planning, time-management, and progress tracking that will set you ahead academically and personally.

What's unique is our learning strategy which is proven to improve learning and performance in school.

Our program is exclusively online, includes a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow, and provides live 1-on-1 mentoring with a graduate student advisor.


The three " C"s for successful learning:  Consistency, Challenge, Coaching

proven learning methods for success in class

Proven methods for success

We will teach you methods that top students use to perform well at school. Our program also includes a unique learning strategy that is backed by neuroscience research and the latest understanding of how our brains learn best!

online and self-paced learning program

Online & self-paced

Complete the program entirely online and at your own pace using your computer or phone.


The program consists of a series of "challenges", with each challenge guiding you step-by-step over a period of time to help you develop strong habits for success.

one-to-one academic mentoring with a graduate tutor

1-ON-1 Academic mentoring

Speak to a Ph.D. student about all your academia and school-related questions. Whether you need guidance with the program, advice for pursuing university or simply mentoring, you can book a session with one of our academic experts at any time.  

Is Elevate for you?

Do any of the following ​apply to you?


  • You only study before a test

  • You forget what you learned during or after a test

  • You forget what you learned from previous years

  • You feel that your grades don't match your efforts

  • You find it difficult to manage all your school work

  • You find yourself cramming to meet deadlines

  • You feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed

a student procastinating and struggling with class work

How elevate can help

  • Improved grades and test performance

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved school-life balance 

  • No more cramming to meet deadlines

  • Improved confidence and motivation in school

  • No more late-night studying

  • Achieve your academic and personal goals

  • Prepared for university and beyond

A happy student achieving his goals after going through the Go2Grad Tutor learning program

learn the secret to reaching your potential and succeeding in school!

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