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The Go2Grad team consists of graduate students joining forces with one goal in mind: to empower the next generation of student leaders. We strongly believe in the power of education and how it can reshape the world. With that in mind, we strive to do our part by supporting students and enhancing their education through proven learning strategies. 



Our vision is to empower the next generation of leaders. Through student-student pairings, Go2Grad Tutors helps high school and graduate students develop their academic potential and thrive in university. 

Promote Education

Show Empathy

Exceptional Service

Trust & Transparency

Cooperation & Synergy

Celebrate Accomplishments




"We are the only tutoring company with vetted graduate tutors and a unique, science-based method for learning. We bring our life-long experiences as students and knowledge at the highest level to guide the next generation of students, helping them to realize and develop their own potential."

"Whether you’re a student, parent, or tutor, I invite you all to be a part of this educational movement!"


Ahmad Galuta | Founder & CEO


Meet our Tutors

Passion, devotion, and experience are what drives Go2Grad Tutors to provide the best tutoring service.


Meet Our Sponsors

These fantastic organizations  believe in our message and have supported the Go2Grad team and for that we are thankful to them!


Meet our endorsors

University professors guide and work closely with our graduate tutors. Hear what our endorsors have to say about Go2Grad Tutors!

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