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 Knowledge is power and with power comes great responsibility. Our team of knowledgeable graduate tutors understand the significance of their role as subject-matter experts and strive to fulfill their responsibility of educating the next generation of students. Passion, devotion, and experience are what drives Go2Grad Tutors to provide the best tutoring service.

  • Lucia Chehadé

    BSc, MSc, MD/PhD candidate, Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

    I'm a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. My current research training is in cellular and molecular biology of neurodegenerative diseases. I have a large curiosity for science and a passion for research within the medical field. I value teaching and mentorship, so I appreciate every opportunity that allows me to share my knowledge and help others reach their academic potential. I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.

  • Victor Gasparetto

    BEng, MSc candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Carleton University

    Hi there! I am a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the University of Brasilia, Brazil. Currently, I am doing my Master’s at Carleton University, also in Mechanical Engineering, and I am really excited to be here in Canada! I've been tutoring students since 2014 and I can say that I am passionate about that work, because there is nothing better than talking to someone about a topic that you like, right? Some of my hobbies are reading, playing video games and guitar, and also doing sports like swimming or running. I can't wait to get started with you!

  • Mac White

    BHSc, MD candidate, University of Ottawa

    My name is Mac White and I would love to have the opportunity to teach you French! My speciality is French as a second language. I was the first student in the Grand Erie District School Board to go from Core French to French Immersion, winning various French awards in affiliation with my high school. I founded a French discussion group for adults at the Brantford Public Library and I also worked closely with Canadian Parents for French teaching young children how to read and write in the language of Molière. I was subsequently hired by the library as a French tutor for elementary students and, privately, I taught French at both a high school and university level. I completed my postsecondary education at the University of Ottawa in Health Sciences en français and took several sociolingusitic and French grammar courses. I am currently completing my final year of medicine in the French cohort at the University of Ottawa and I am the representative for Francophone Affairs MD2021. I have studied French at the Cégep in Jonquière and lived in the Saguenay region for an entire summer. I have also studied French in Nice, France. I look forward to working with you!

  • Anna Ampaw

    BSc, MSc, PhD candidate, Chemistry, University of Ottawa

    I am a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa and my research focus is in organic synthesis. Specifically, I synthesize small molecules that will facilitate in preventing ice damage during the cryopreservation of different cell types.  When I’m not in the lab, I take pride in helping students excel in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry courses, which I have been doing for the past 7-8 years. I am also an Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry Instructor for The Princeton Review where I help prepare students to write the chemistry section of the MCAT. I’m excited to continue to share my knowledge with the clients of G2G Tutors in the future. 

  • Hesham Ismail

    BSc, MSc, PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University of Ottawa

    My current work as PhD student combines biological engineering and regenerative medicine. In addition, I work as a graduate mentor in the Student Academic Success Services (SASS). During my academic journey, I’ve had the chance to supervise, train, and mentor multiple undergraduate and junior graduate students in different majors. I take great pleasure in finding creative methods to deliver information to aid students in their studies. In addition, I strive to anchor different subjects within the real job market so that students can understand the bigger purpose behind their education, specifically in biology and chemistry. Finally, I aim to help my students become scientists who know how to both ask and tackle different challenging questions.

  • Ole Krarup

    BSc, MSc, PhD candidate, Physics, University of Ottawa

    I wrote my Bachelor's and Master's thesis in physics at the University of Aarhus in Denmark before I moved to Canada to pursue my Ph.D. in fiber optics sensors. On top of my passion for research, I am a strong believer in nurturing the same interest in the next generation of science students. Feel free to contact me if, apart from grasping math and physics, you to want to learn to problem-solve systematically and independently. 

  • Brittany Ennis

    BA French and Political Science, MA Global Governance, JD candidate, University of Ottawa

    Hello! I am currently a first-year J.D. candidate in the French Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa. I have always had a passion for tutoring! Since 2013, I have tutored primarily English and French at all levels, including elementary, secondary, university, and ESL adult learners. I have also worked with children and teens with learning disorders. Further, I volunteered as a Writing Center tutor during my third and fourth year at Western. Additionally, I have experience with the DELF exam, both as a student and a tutor. I have helped numerous students prepare for A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1 exams. My experience as a tutor, combined with my background as a former emergency supply teacher, has made me very familiar with the elementary and secondary school curriculum in Ontario. Whether you need help in English or in French, I look forward to working one-on-one with you to help you achieve your academic goals! 

  • Manuel Lucas

    BEng, MSc, PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering, University of Ottawa

    Hello! I am currently a PhD student at the University of Ottawa. Prior to moving to Canada, I completed my Msc and BEng in Civil Engineering in Brazil. During my studies, I also had the opportunity to study for one year in Scotland at Heriot-Watt University. My passion for science and diversified experience at various universities have allowed me to explore several different areas of engineering. 


    My PhD studies in Biomedical Engineering combine many concepts of mathematics and physics with knowledge of human kinematics. My research focuses on the application of these concepts to better understand the interface of the human body and prosthetics sockets to understand how we can make better prostheses. 


    Since high school, I have been actively helping other 

    students with mathematics and physics, and I have had the opportunity to gain tutoring experience. I am currently working at the University of Ottawa as a Teaching Assistant (TA), where I hold tutorials for Mechanical Engineering courses. I enjoy helping students progress in their courses and I try to tailor the classes to their needs. I am looking forward to meeting students and helping them reach their goals and ambitions!

  • Samantha Jones

    Honours Specialization BA in French Studies and Minor in Spanish
    Bachelor of Education in French as a Second Language, Primary/Junior
    MEd with concentration of Societies, Languages, and Cultures

    Languages are so intricate and fascinating! While studying French and Spanish during my undergrad, I took a lot of linguistics courses and I learned how languages are influenced by culture, people, and how they are used. I want to help shape young minds through inquisitive attitudes, critical thinking and self-actualisation, all the while maintaining a jovial spirit and a kind heart.

  • Keara Sutherland

    BSc, MSc candidate, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa

    I received my BSc at Queen's University studying Health Sciences with a specialization in cancer research and am now an MSc candidate studying cancer therapeutics at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. I was lucky to have a passion and curiosity for education from a young age. A goal of mine is to be able to spark this within younger students, hopefully setting many more on the path towards a better education and a better future. I have been fortunate to have multiple mentorship opportunities and tutoring experiences that have started this goal, but I hope to reach more young minds with G2G Tutors. I enjoy deciphering what learning method a student needs to excel, whether that is talking through questions, building picture guides, endless practice problems, or grounding the topic to apply real-world scenarios... whatever works to bring progress!

  • Rozy Abo Mazid

    BSc, MEd candidate, Language, University of Ottawa

    I am a graduate student at the University of Ottawa currently completing my Master's degree in second language education. I have a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and a passion for the English language. I have tutored many students in the English language while studying Interior Design, and have continued to pursue tutoring throughout my graduate studies. I believe a teacher and a mentor can play a very vital role in the success of a student, and I look forward to sharing my graduate-level knowledge of the English language with others.

  • Kyle Malone

    BSc, MSc, Phd candidate, Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

    I am currently obtaining my PhD in Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology, looking at using the immune system to kill Glioblastoma brain cancer. Previously, I achieved my Master of Science in Neuroscience, focusing on profiling neurons derived from spinal cord stem cells. I have tutored many students in biology, chemistry, physics, math and English, and have a passion for sharing my knowledge. I look forward to helping you with all your academic goals!

  • Omer Shehada

    BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa

    I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Ottawa with a specialization in fluid mechanics. I currently work as a Technology Analyst, where I have the opportunity to explore different technology solutions for client cases. I am a physics enthusiast, especially when it comes to astrophysics. I like passing on my passion for physics to students so that they can bring the same passion to their education and work in the future. I believe in not only delivering the subject content, but also showing students learning techniques that they can apply to every subject in the future. I aim to pass on the engineering problem-solving mindset that I’ve learned to my students. I look forward to seeing you and helping you succeed!

  • Salma Alasmar

    BSs, MSc, PhD candidate, Chemistry, University of Ottawa

    I work in an interdisciplinary laboratory that combines chemistry with cellular and molecular biology. I synthesize special compounds that help in the cryopreservation of multiple cell lines. My passion and curiosity for science led me to pursue graduate studies. During my academic years, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with young minds by tutoring and being a teaching assistant at the University of Ottawa. I aim to help students understand different subjects so that they can develop a bigger image of the purpose behind their educational journey. I hope to get the chance to share my graduate knowledge to enrich more young minds through G2G Tutors.

  • Safah Quadiri

    CPA, CGA, Honours Bachelor in Commerce, Specialization in Accounting, University of Ottawa

    I am a CPA, CGA, and a Commerce graduate from the University of Ottawa with a Specialization in Accounting. I currently work as a Financial Management Advisor with the Federal Government of Canada, and I am responsible for preparing monthly financial reports for clients, supporting client financial processes, and providing strategic advice, financial analysis, and recommendations on a wide range of financial issues to management. I decided back in Grade 10 that I wanted to pursue accounting and I stuck by my goal. After graduating from university, I tried my hand in Accounts Payable, Business Administration as well as Internal Audit, and I have built up considerable experience that I can pass on to students as a mentor. I have tutored students in the past, been involved with organizing youth activities and events in my community, and am a Girl Guides leader, so I like to keep engaged with students on a regular basis and help guide them. I believe that being a mentor and delivering content to students in an effective manner teaches them skills that can be applied in a variety of experiences that await them. I am excited to be part of changing and building students’ careers and aiding them in their hard work and success! 

  • Nicole Baker

    BSs, MSc candidate, Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

    I am currently a Master’s Student in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa. My research focuses on the role of mitochondria in the fate and function of skeletal muscle stem cells. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science with a specialization in biology from Laurentian University. During my undergraduate degree, I had the opportunity to be a Teacher’s Assistant (TA), during which I helped students succeed in both general and organic chemistry educational labs. I have always had a passion for science, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching science and sharing this passion with young minds. I am committed to helping students excel, not only with schoolwork, but also with their career goals and ambitions. I look forward to working with you!

  • Giselle Lima

    BSc, MEd candidate, University of Ottawa

    I received my BSc with a major in Physics and a focus on Education. I’ve gathered more than 9 years of experience in teaching in high schools and private tutoring. I’m currently doing my Masters in Education with a focus on learning and teaching techniques. I’m very passionate about science and how every student understands it in their own unique way. My focus is on developing different learning strategies to help my students better understand concepts. I’m excited to share my knowledge with you and help you succeed!

  • Moira Duncan

    BA, MA, PhD candidate, University of Ottawa

    Hello! I am a second-year Doctoral student in English Literature at the University of Ottawa. I am passionate about teaching literature and composition. I completed my Master of Arts (2019) and my Bachelor of Arts (2017) at Memorial University of Newfoundland in English Literature. I am experienced in tutoring literature (fiction, poetry, and drama over a wide variety of literary periods) and composition (English papers, lab and technical reports, resumes, etc.). I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ottawa for English 1112: Technical Report Writing (2019) and English 1100: Workshop in Essay Writing (2020). In addition, I worked for several years as a Writing Tutor at Memorial University's Writing Centre as both a Graduate Tutor (2017-2019) and an Undergraduate Tutor (2016-2017).

  • Yehia Salama

    BASc, MSc candidate, 
    Carleton University

    I'm currently completing my MSc in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University. I recently moved to Ottawa after finishing my undergraduate degree in Electromechanical Engineering in Alexandria, Egypt. During my years of studying, I realized how much of a positive impact some teachers and professors had on me. For that reason, I'm very excited to be a part of the G2G team. My aim is to help
    young students understand fundamental concepts and how they can be applied to our daily lives. I have acquired valuable experience working as tutor and teaching assistant for the past year. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping you reach your career goals!

  • Karim Ibrahim

    .BSc, MSc, PhD candidate, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa

    Hi there! I’m currently pursuing my PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Ottawa. I have a pharmaceutical background with +4 years of teaching experience. I have tutored biology and chemistry courses, as well as working as an instructor for university-level courses, including; pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry, and biophysics. My teaching style is always interactive, and I prefer visual-based learning techniques such as diagrams and mind-maps. I can also tailor my tutoring approach to match your academic needs, so set your learning goals high and we’re going to achieve them! Shall we get started?

  • Gustavo Valente

    PhD in Mathematics and Statistics

    I am a passionate teacher with experience dating back to 2007, starting with math contests and Olympiads for high school students in Brazil. Living in Canada since 2015, I earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics and, along the way, tutored students to achieve their best potential in school to better prepare them for college and university.
    Having had students with many different backgrounds in the past, I adapt my teaching methodology to best approach the student’s individual needs. Whether you need a more visual interpretation of math, or a more methodical algebraic curiosity, I will be happy to meet your needs.

  • Aakriti Gupta

    BEd, MBiotech, PhD candidate, Carleton University

    Hello, I am a Ph.D. student with a specialization in biochemistry at Carleton University. I have a Master’s in biotechnology from India and did my Bachelor’s degree in education. My subjects of interest are Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Currently, I work as a teaching assistant (laboratory and lectures) in biochemistry. I have also worked as a lecturer in Biotechnology and taught Bachelor's students. I love teaching, as I believe teaching-learning is a two-way process that includes the overall development of the student from not only understanding concepts, but also their implementation. I am thankful to G2G for providing me the opportunity to have a platform through which I can help students enhance their skills to be successful both in the field of their interest and as great people.

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