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Get into your desired university program

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Our method is proven and designed to teach you how to achieve your academic goals, boost your grades, and Improve your confidence while reducing stress.


Go2Grad will help high school students to get better grades and guidance or pursuing unversity

We Specialize

in helping high school students get the grades they need to get accepted into their desired university and program of choice.

Go2Grad Tutors helps high school students with tutoring to get into university

We hire Vetted graduate tutors

that you can rely on. We only hire experts and screen for the best tutors so that you're in good hands.

Go2Grad tutors are vetted, have police checks, and are safe for in-home tutoring

we Set you Up For Success

in your courses while showing you how to reduce stress. You'll learn effective study habits that work - now and at university!

Our Best-Fit Tutor Guarantee ensures that Your tutor is handpicked based on your needs, personality, and preferences!

Go2Grad Tutors creates tutoring plans tailored for each student

We create PErsonalized tutoring plans

You're in good hands

Our tutors are all graduate students (Masters and Ph.Ds) from top universities.


They were in your shoes not too long ago and experienced similar academic challenges. With guidance, they developed the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive at the highest levels, and they are excited to share their strategies for success with you. ​With real-life subject experiences and strong academic backgrounds, you can rely on Go2Grad Tutors to help unlock your potential.

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