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Enhancing Motivation For Learning Using Modern Tools

So you're interested in learning something new, or perhaps you'd like further insight into a particular topic, but where do you start? There are so many (free!) resources available nowadays that it can be overwhelming. But it shouldn't be! Learning should always be enjoyed and, ideally, catered to your abilities. So, we've listed our top 5 resources that can help you get into the groove of learning a new topic in an easy and entertaining manner.

Videos: our brain uses most of its capacity for vision. In fact, there are more brain cells dedicated to vision than all the other 4 senses (hearing, smell, taste, touch) combined. That’s why most people are visual learners! So, take advantage of your brain’s ability to learn through visual cues and maximize your learning experience. There are plenty of free video tutorials on YouTube. Find your niche and knock yourself out! Just don’t get lost in the internet’s rabbit hole…