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A Frontline Medical Student and His Experience with COVID-19

By: Ahmad Galuta

Doctor Louai Naddaf, do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself including your background and upbringing?

"I moved to Canada from the Middle East when I was young and started learning English and everything about my new environment. Then during my undergrad at the University of Ottawa, I studied health science. I always had a passion for medicine and doing something related to health. I always loved anatomy and physiology. So I started looking at options on how to get into medical school. I applied to Canadian medical schools as well as Caribbean medical schools. I did some research, applied, and got accepted for a school in the Caribbean. I had the opportunity to do my clinical rotations in the States and Canada. I soon realized I was interested in many fields including family care, internal medicine, and emergency medicine. I opted for family medicine to return to work in Canada. Now I’m in my second year of family medicine in New York and I’m loving it!"