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A Flipped Classroom: What 2020/2021 Might Look Like

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

By: Ahmad Galuta

Distance learning (DL) has become the current and foreseeable future for education, but how can educational systems evolve to improve DL? Many fingers point towards a flipped classroom.

What is it?

A classroom where students are given roles as teachers, as they do their own research and share their perspective on a certain topic. It incorporates a problem-based learning style that’s very different than the traditional learning method.

How would it look like with DL?

Breakout sessions! Normally, case study sessions are held in small groups to facilitate discussions. You can expect to be sent into breakout rooms (2-3 people or more) to discuss questions related to the case study.

Why bother?

Let’s face it, traditional lectures can be boring. Case studies are engaging and keep you on your toes. Plus you get to interact with your friends during class!

Does it improve DL?

Compared to traditional classes, case studies have been shown to stimulate one’s curiosity, increase the perceived value of what they’re learning, and improve overall learning outcomes. Expect to see more of a flipped-classroom approach starting the Fall of 2020!

Real-life example

We, Go2Grad Tutors, held a case study class with grade 11 biology students from Elmwood Private School (Ottawa, Canada) covering the topic of "maple syrup urine disease". According to our survey, 100% percent of students said they learned something new, were more inclined to participate, found the case study to be informative and engaging, and were more likely to do their own research into the topic. This method has not only stimulated student's curiosity but has given them a greater sense of responsibility as students and learners.

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