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Learn from graduate Math students. We've been where you are and know what it takes

Our method is proven and designed to teach you how to achieve your academic goals, boost your grades, and improve your confidence while reducing stress.

Go2Grad will help high school students to get better grades and guidance or pursuing unversity

We Specialize

in helping high school students get the Math grades they need to get accepted into their desired university and program of choice.

Go2Grad Tutors teaches students effective study habits that will help them get better grades and into university

we Set you Up For Success

in your courses while showing you how to reduce stress. You'll learn effective study habits that work - now and at university!

Tutors with experience teaching math, chemisty, physis, french and english

We hire graduate Math tutors

that you can rely on. We only hire experts and screen for the best tutors so that you're in good hands.

Students, Parents, and Professors highly rate us

Jeany J wins scholarship

Jeany, University Student, Health Sciences

Go2Grad Tutors has very dedicated, intelligent, and attentive tutors. Their approach was very supportive and they always went above and beyond to help further my understanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing support for grade 12 Math.

Tara S.jpg

Tara S., Parent, Kanata, ON

 I have three children who required tutoring in math, chemistry, and physics. I have used this tutoring service for 3 years and it made a significant difference in my children’s grades and self-confidence. The tutors were kind, patient, and professional. My oldest children have now just started college and university thanks to the tutoring from Go2Grad Tutors!


Dr. Tuan Bui, PhD, Professor at the University of Ottawa

Graduate students at Go2Grad Tutors are an invaluable part of the teaching programs at universities. Their passion, dedication, knowledge, and work ethic make them the real driving force of all research labs. I am always impressed by the enthusiasm and skill that they showcase in communicating science to their peers and the public.

How you will benefit

Go2Grad Tutors will help you improve grades and confdence in class

Improved grades and confidence

Go2Grad Tutors are experts in Math and have extensive teaching experience at the university level.

Go2Grad Tutors helps high school students with tutoring to get into university

thrive in school and university

We'll teach you the methods that top students use and the most effective study habits that are backed by research.

Go2Grad tutors are vetted, have police checks, and are safe for in-home tutoring

Personalized and ongoing support

We specialize in nurturing the development of each individual student by providing personalized support and a tailored educational plan.  

Go2Grad tutors graduated from top universities

Our Math tutors are graduate students (Masters and Ph.Ds). They were in your shoes not too long ago and experienced academic similar challenges. With guidance, they developed the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive at the highest levels, and they are excited to share their strategies for success with you. 

With real-life experiences and strong academic backgrounds, you can rely on Go2Grad tutors to help unlock your potential.

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Within 24 hours, you'll be paired with the most effective graduate tutor for your needs. We'll then place you in contact with your tutor to set specific arrangements.

exclusive access to the Go2Grad learning program

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You'll have exclusive access to our unique, online program for developing successful habits in school, including 1-on-1 mentoring with a graduate student.

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